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Dylan van der Schyff

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One of the leading figures on the Vancouver new music/improv scene.  Van der Schyff has lent his talents to countless other performance situations, playing with such luminaries as George Lewis, Louis Sclavis, Eyvind Kang, Georg Grawe, Myra Melford, Michael Moore, John Butcher, Mark Helias, Evan Parker, Vinny Golia and Andy Laster.  He performs and records with Talking Pictures and works with Tony Wilson's group.  As well, he has played with François Houle's trio.  (The very same trio that played a tremendous double bill with Talking Pictures at the 1997 Victoriaville Festival).  Van der Schyff is also a member of the NOW Orchestra and has worked with NOW in large-scale projects with Barry Guy, Rene Lussier and Butch Morris.  Two excellent recordings have been released documenting the Guy and Lussier encounters.  Another excellent recording is François Houle's John Carter Project, where van der Schyff performs alongside Houle, Peggy Lee, Mark Dresser and Dave Douglas.