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Front cover of the album D'ACCORD
Single CD + booklet - ROG-0078
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Didier Petit

“The third part of a triptych after “Déviation” and “Don’t Explain”: totally mature, a brilliant solo cello album”

Didier Petit: cello

7th Face
Appel (0:55)
La Marche de l'Ombre (1:52)
Paysage (2:08)
Danses au Clair Obscur (1:40)
Chant de la Neige (1:31)
Interlude Rituel (0:36)
Cosmocelle (1:44)
Soleil Rouge (6:10)

8th Face
Le Printemps se Lève à l'Est (4:55 ) Play Interlude Rituel (0:38)
Dèesse Alegresse (1:57)
Humeurs d'une Nuit (5:18)
Sons de le Lune (3:56)

9th and last Face
Marche d'un Jour (2:19)
Cosmogonie (0:25)
Feu de le Terre (1:56)
What a Wonderfull World (3:47)
Inerlude Final (0:40)

All compositions by Didier Petit

Recorded on November 26th and 27th 2016 by Philippe Bouvet at La Plantation, Beijing, China
Mixing, editing and mastering: Michael (Maïkôl) Seminatore
Booklet’s texts: Frédéric Goaty, Théo Jarrier, Didier Petit
Booklet’s art: Xavier Deshoulières
Photographs: Théo Jarrier
Cover design: Max Schoendorff
Cover realization: David Bourguignon
Producer: Didier Petit
Executive poducer: Michel Dorbon

This disc is the after since the before, it closes 20 years of a different practice of this instrument I’ve been lugging around for nearly 50 years. I’ve always thought of it like the embryo of another that finds itself after the same. After all these years, I don’t really know anymore who’s the instrument of whom. The Cello, despite not being a tool of its time happens to be quite comfortable in our times. Putting aside its diversity of sounds that can make electro-acousticians green with envy, no one takes if for what it is, which is a major strength. Mine was built at the end of the 19th century, it conforms to sustainable development criteria and can be transported anywhere without difficulty. It’s long been able to emancipate itself from industrial pressure, and is therefore out of the competition and out of the market economy while being a part of the market economy. With it, I instrumentalize music according to my moods, my demons, my furies, my elations. I ritualize my ruminations… Didier Petit, excerpt from the boklet