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Front cover of the album LIVE AT LAST
Single CD - ROG-0005
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“Through freedom, freshness and power of speech, we are confronted here with centuries of History”

Malachi Favors Maghostut: double bass
Hanah Jon Taylor: tenor & soprano saxophones
Vincent Davis: drums

Talkin' to You (7.07 ) Play Au Privave (7.27)
Maghostut (12.38)
Electric Elephant Dance (6.55)
Beware of the Wolf (10.38)
My Babe (11.48)

1 to 5 recorded live on October 10th 2003 by Jim Newhouser at Union Terrace, University of Wisconsin (Madison, Wi, USA) ; 6 recorded live by Steven Tod at Velvet Lounge (Chicago, Il, USA)
Mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet
Liner notes: Alexandre Pierrepont
Executive producer: Michel Dorbon

Notwithstanding a fruitful career, the great, late bass player Malachi Favors was quite a discreet musician even though no one has forgotten his role as the central mainstay of the Art Ensemble of Chicago until his death in January 2004. Apart from this, he only made one splendid solo album but no group recording as a leader was heard until this Maghostut Trio. Consequently, the present beautiful, original, intense and cohesive record is also a rare musical moment to enjoy. A few months before his death, Malachi Favors gave birth to this trio featuring the powerful lyricism of Hanah Jon Taylor and the precise ear of Vincent Davis; both of them complementary of Malachi Favors' unique and too rarely heard playing. Listening to this record, we realize how any musician willing to be original has to perfectly know the pastime masters. And that's why, through freedom, freshness and power of speech, we are confronted here with centuries of History.