How dare we spend so much valuable energy answering such questions as "What is Jazz?".



Sylvain Kassap: clarinets
Sophia Domancich: piano, Fender Rhodes
Christiane Bopp: trombone
Aymeric Avice: trumpet, flugelhorn
Hélène Labarrière: double bass
Fabien Duscombs: drums

Album release concert:
Sunday August 28th, 7:30 pm
Les Rendes-Vous de l'Erdre
Scéne Sully - Square Marquis de Saffré, Nantes, FR

La Coda du Début (1:06)
Spartakus (9:12)
Canterbury (6:28)
Oktiabr (10:27 ) Play Crinière (4:07)
DMZ (7:39)
Les Eaux Glacées (8:31)
La Semaine Sanglante (2:40)
The Loop is Looped (5:38)

All compositions by Sylvain Kassap except “La Semaine Sanglante” by Jean-Baptiste Clément / Pierre Dupont, arrangement by Sylvain Kassap.

Recorded by Maïkôl Seminatore (assistant Arthur Gouret) on November 6th and 7th 2021 at Studio Sextan – La Fonderie, Malakoff, France
Mixing and master: Maïkôl Seminatore
Liner notes: Xavier Prévost
Photographs: RogueArt
Cover design: Max Schoendorff
Cover realization: David Bourguignon
Executive producer: Michel Dorbon

Between resignation and social struggles, from melancholy to a shining hope, the music moves forward, like an unstoppable wave. Brilliant soloists in a resolutely collective work: great music! Xavier Prévost, excerpt from the liner notes