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Front cover of the album STONE SHIFT
Single CD - ROG-0025
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“Whereas the shifting of stones takes a long time to evolve, the shifting of rhythms seems more apt for this particular album”

Larry Ochs: tenor and soprano saxophones
Satoko Fujii: piano, synthesizer
Natsuki Tamura: trumpet
Scott Amendola: drum set
Donald Robinson: drum set

Across From Over (19.07 ) Play Abstraction Rising (12.33)
Stone Shift (For Kurosawa) (17.45)
Finn Veers For Venus (10.04)

Recorded live on November 12th and 13th 2007 by Alberto Spezzamonte at Teatro Fondamente Nuovo (Venice, Italie), except Across From Over recorded on September 13th 2007 by Grawer and Ryan Peterson at KFJC FM (Los Altos, Ca, Etats Unis)
Mixing & mastering: Myles Boisen
Liner notes: Alexandre Pierrepont
Photographs: Georg Pillwein, Matthew Campbell
Executive producer: Michel Dorbon

For me form precedes function. If I can’t see the big picture, that universe of sound within which a given piece will come to life, it is hard to organize the internal details. The great thing about the Sax & Drumming Core experience is that I have four special forms developed for this band. So I actually get to write pieces similar to other ones I’ve already penned, just like a jazz band-leader who works with “the changes.”! It’s cool, and it really helps to get to the center of the music and probe and evolve. Larry Ochs, quotation from the liner notes