How dare we spend so much valuable energy answering such questions as "What is Jazz?".



“Avant-garde and in the tradition of large ensembles are compatible, this album proves it”

Rob Mazurek: cornet, composition, direction
Christophe Rocher: clarinet, bass clarinet
Steve Berry: trombone
Christofer Bjurström: piano
Frédéric B. Briet: double bass
Philippe Champion: trumpet
Lou Malozzi: electronics
Nicole Mitchell: flutes
Jeff Parker: guitar
Irvin Pierce: tenor saxophone
Nicolas Pointard: drums
Nicolas Peoc’h: alto & soprano saxophones
Avreeayl Ra: drums
Vincent Raude: electronics
Tomeka Reid: cello
Mazz Swift: violin

Alexandre Pierrepont: texts
Yannick Leblay: background voice
Sylvain Thévenard: sound engineer


Very warm thanks to Simon Le Vigouroux, Bénédicte, Abélard, Frédéric Roy, Janick Tilly, Pascale Groux, Etienne Costes, Matthieu Banvillet, Anne Millour and Xavier Lemettre
excerpt (video)

This id the Atoll (6:11)
Drinkable Gold With Shadows' Liquor (3:28)
The Blue Oblivion (11:17)
The Saying Ship (4:14)
Cobalt of Chance (7:07)
Wild Gale (3:42)
On the Trapeze of Minds Ferns (10:21 ) Play Under the Hearts Snow (2:23)
The Game Circle (4:42)
The Island Beneath the Sea and Spirits' Bean (12:45)

All compositions by Rob Mazurek

Recorded live on October 13th at Quartz, Scène Nationale de Brest, France and October 16th 2015 at La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues, Pantin, France by Sylvain Thévenard
Mixing, editing and mastering: Sylvain Thévenard
Booklet poem and texts: Alexandre Pierrepont
Photographs: Romain Al’l, Guido Gazzilli and Hervé Legall
Cover design: Max Schoendorff
Cover realization: David Bourguignon
Producer: Christophe Rocher and Ensemble Nautilis
Executive poducer: Michel Dorbon


All members of the Third Coast Ensemble tread along restless shores, always singular and often impenetrable. The orchestra is born from the meeting of musicians from Chicago, in the United States, with those of the Nautilis Ensemble based in Brest, France. On one side, the shores of the vast Lake Michigan, also called the “Third Coast of the United States”; on the other, the wild surroundings of the Finistère and the North Atlantic. Common collective imaginations, then. A few stories of ships swallowed up by the stormy waters of the lake and the ocean, so close after all, off the coast of Chicago and Brest, even elsewhere, inspired WRECKS. Alexandre Pierrepont told (us) with great ardor of these shipwrecks and added to those his own digression, “Loyalty Islands” – tales which have traced subliminal lines for Rob Mazurek’s compositions and each and everyone’s improvisations.