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Andrea Parkins

RogueArt CD


Andrea Parkins is composer, sound/installation artist and electroacoustic musician who engages with interactive electronics as a compositional/performative process, and explores strategies related to Fluxus’ ordered, yet ephemeral activities. An integral participant of the New York sound art and experimental music scene, and worldwide – she is especially known for her uniquely gestural/textural approach to her electronically-processed accordion and customized live sound processing. Her laptop electronics and Fender-amped accordion create a sonic field of lush harmonics, noisy concretized disruption, and soaring electronic feedback. As a sound artist and composer, Parkins' works includes electroacoustic solo and ensemble pieces, dance and film scores, electronic music works, and multi-diffusion installations featuring amplified objects that are found or made. This work has been presented at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Kitchen, Diapason, and Experimental Intermedia; and arts spaces/festivals worldwide, including Mexico City’s First International Sound Art festival; Unsound in Krakow; NEXT in Bratislava; and Cyberfest 2011 in St. Petersburg. Parkins also records and performs internationally as a solo artist and in collaborations with innovators such as Otomo Yoshihide, David Watson, John Butcher, Wilco guitarist Nels Cline, and Lê Quan Ninh, among many others; and she has appeared on more than 50 recordings on labels including hatology, Important Records, and Atavistic.