How dare we spend so much valuable energy answering such questions as "What is Jazz?".




In matters of artistic expression, the cheaper the statement, the more chances it gets to be heard.

The market demands barren goods with a short turnover and no resistance. As far as music is concerned, one only has to dig into the entertainment supermarket displays to find that they are packed with cheesy products: is it for hiding some treasures destined to a happy few? On the other hand, this implacable Market is crushing independent record shops and labels that aim at experienced music lovers and true curious. ROGUEART goes against this tendency and allows original, clever and creative artists to express themselves. ROGUEART is a jazz label, in times when the word itself has lost its meaning, to such point that the great creators won't even name their music that way. Jazz is one of the big artistic revolutions of the last hundred years. Without any preconceptions, open to many influences of other forms of expression, jazz perpetually evolves, remaining only true to its own history. Jazz still lives and disturbs. It will do so relentlessly, with its complex, refined and sensitive way of expressing our energy, emotions, joy and pain, breaches, fights, hopes and despairs... of life. Jazz is one of the rare artistic movements to embrace social concerns - its African-American roots built its identity and far reaching sensibility. Too many people forget that jazz isn't just a void aesthetical movement; it is totally devoted to the everyday fights of those who struggle for survival and social existence. In this context, ROGUEART has built a field of expression and discussion. Listen to the artists and musicians who honour us with their presence and you won't be disappointed! We only aim to make their voice audible to you, audible to everyone.