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Front cover of the album HOMMAGE À BARTÓK
Single CD - SHCD-160
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“This belong to the best of any new music, created by an ensemble that know both how to play and how to listen”

Steve Swell: trombone
Connie Crothers: piano
Rob Brown: alto saxophone
William Parker: double bass
Chad Taylor: drums


STEVE SWELL'S KENDE DREAMS "HOMAGE TO BARTÓK" is the first of the three Steve Swell's three "Homage To..." albums dedicated to 20th century composers. You can get a 33% discount if you purchase all three albums together; if you are interested, please click on the link below:

Roswellian Folk Song (7:56)
For Will Connell Jr. (7:49)
After SQ4 (9:57)
Attak of the Mikrokosmos (8:10)
Bartók Screams (13:38)
Lent-Oh! (14:07)
Ultima (8:34)

All compositions by Steve Swell (Steve Swell Music, BMI)

Recorded on December 5th 2014 by Jim Clouse at Park West Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Mixing and mastering: Jim Clouse
Cover art: Iñaki Bonillas
Liner notes: Steve Swell
Cover design and realisation: Stephane Berland
Producers: Steve Swell and Lars-Olof Gustavsson
Executive producer for SilkHeart records: Lars-Olof Gustavsson