How dare we spend so much valuable energy answering such questions as "What is Jazz?".



Front cover of the album NO QUESTIONS - NO ANSWERS
Single CD - ROG-0117
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Joe McPhee: alto & soprano saxophones, pocket trumpet
Daunik Lazro: tenor & baritone saxophones
Joshua Abrams: double bass, guembri
Guillaume Séguron: double bass
Chad Taylor: drums, mbira

An Unanswered Question (34:33 ) Play An Unquestioned Answer (12:14)
Enough (6:02)

All compositions by Joe McPhee, Daunik Lazro, Joshua Abrams, Guillaume Se?guron, Chad Taylor (except a short quote of “Spirits” by Albert Ayler in “An Unquestioned Answer")

Recorded live at International Jazzfestival Saalfelden on August 25th 2018
Recording engineer: Gerhard Wald (ORF)
Mixing: Maïkôl Seminatore and Daunik Lazro
Mastering: Maïkôl Seminatore
Liner notes: Alexandre Pierrepont
Photograph: Alexandre Pierrepont
Cover design: Max Schoendorff
Cover realization: David Bourguignon
Recording producer: Philipp Weismann (ORF)


For those who doubt it, Joe McPhee reminds us: “Someone described the musician to me as follows: ‘Where does what he does come from? From the idea of making magic with the muses.’ Which pretty much embraces what we consider to be music.” And for this, Lazro reports, “The method has not changed (since it has borne such beautiful fruits): it is through open improvisation that music comes about, welcoming lyricism as much as abstraction, the pulsation that can border on silence, expressionism, and dream.” A bramble of breaths. A family, a political activity, a pride of lions. Excerpt from the liner notes