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“Joe Giardullo is a musician who is well-positioned to become a critical mover in the music of today and tomorrow”

Joe Giardullo: alto flute, bass clarinet, sopranino saxophone
Gordon Allen: trumpet
Lori Freedman: bass clarinet, clarinet
Joe McPhee: pocket trumpet, valve trombone
Michael Snow: violin
David Prentice: violin
Rosie Hertlein: violin
Martha Colby: cello
Daniel Levin: cello
Steve Lantner: piano
Rich Rosenthal: guitar
Dom Minasi: guitar
David Arner: xylophone
Brian Melick : percussions

OPG (6.21)
OPG (7.42)
2T(m) (4.08)
Memory Root (7.32)
OPD (3.47)
NFRTT-1 (4.17)
Q-2G(e) (8.38)
Calabar (3.03 ) Play Hikori (3.01)
Red Morocco (10.45)

All compositions by Joe Giardullo

Recorded on April 5th 2005 by Tom Mark at Make Believe Ballroom Studio (Shokan, Ny, Etats Unis) and on February 5th 2006 by Michael Snow at Wakamba (Marbletown, Ny, Etats Unis)
Mastering: Ted Orr
Liner notes: John Szwed
Photographs: Bartosz Winiarski, Fionn Reilly
Producer: Joe Giardullo


Someday someone will write a history of modern music that will free us of the false dichotomies such as high vs. low, improviser vs. composer, classical vs. everything else…  …The written materials Joe passed out to the musicians for Red Morocco was minimal, sometimes more visual than musical, but always modest.  Everyone was seated in the same room, in a circle.  The music heard on this recording occurred late in the day, when Joe felt a certain clarity was occurring… …The results are an elegant, shimmering, ringing music, like colors spiking across the plane of a Monet canvas, or spinning like a piece of Calder’s kinetic art; a constantly evolving, deeply sonic performance, collectively improvised, and decentered; a self-organizing musical system, with minimal input or constraints from outside.  Giardullo is willing into existence a music that occurs beyond his control.  This means he has to surround himself with musicians who are accomplished, but also open, free to take chances, and willing to be themselves, no matter what. John Szwed, excerpt from the liner notes.