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Front cover of the album RIGHT HEMISPHERE
Single CD - ROG-0013
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“That is the way good, unforced relationships work, exemplified by this quartet; this music delivers that poetic, inexorable message”

Matthew Shipp: piano
Rob Brown: alto saxophone
Joe Morris: double bass
Whit Dickey: drum set

Right Hemisphere (3.22)
You Rang (4.31)
Bubbles (3.33)
Ice (3.39)
Hyperspace (2.12 ) Play Dice (5.14)
Incremental (5.45)
Falling (5.59)
The Sweet Science (1.44)
Lava (8.41)
Red in Gray (9.06)

Recorded on January 5th 2006 by Leon Dorsey at Leon Lee Dorsey Studio (New York, Ny, Etats Unis)
Mixing: Anthony Ruotolo
Mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet
Liner notes: Steve Dalachinsky
Photographs: Lorna Lentini
Executive producer: Michel Dorbon


Right hemisphere: the intuitive side of the brain - the god part of brain - the part that processes in wholes not in linear sequences - the part that is out of time and rooted in eternity… …These pieces are not collective improvisations but are a series of concepts and gestures put forth, discussed and then acted upon musically. Matthew Shipp, excerpt from the liner notes
The music sounds great, even though there was no advanced planning or rehearsing. It almost sounds as if each of us had been working toward this day for the past decade. Perhaps in some unconscious way we had. But at the same time it was essentially one day in the life of each of us together committed to making cogent music together - music in real time with no inhibiting preconceptions, that addresses who we are in the simplicity and complexity of the moment. Whit Dickey, excerpt from the liner notes
Right Hemisphere represents musical partnerships going back 15-20 yrs. The group started with Matt and me playing duo in the early 80's. This was a very creative period for the development of our music. The first incarnation of R.H. was a trio with drums. When the group became a 4tet, Whit became the drummer and William Parker the bassist. At this time (89-90) Whit, Joe and I started working together… … For me the group expresses the whole history of where we've been, while continuing to look toward the future. Rob Brown, excerpt from the liner notes