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Front cover of the album WE WERE THE PHLIKS
Single CD - ROG-0007
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“This album blurs the distinction between notated and improvised material”

Scott Fields: electric guitar
Thomas Lehn: syntéthiseur analog synthesizer
Matthias Schubert: tenor saxophone
Xu Fengxia: guzheng

Marg Tobias (12.19 ) Play Brad and Laura Winter (15.38)
Assi Glöde (24.37)
ellsworth snyder (17.42)

All compositions by Scott Fields

Recorded on June 30th & July 1st 2005 by Christian Heck at The Loft (Köln, Germany)
Mixing & mastering: Reinhard Kobialka
Liner notes: Scott Fields
Photographs: Agata Schubert
Producteur: Scott Field

It is my habit to set myself some rules for each project I compose. Otherwise the world is just too big for me. For my contributions to The Phliks book I made myself a rule that every tune would include traditional notation, graphical notation, and improvisation. (To counter misconceptions, perhaps I should mention that the guzheng and analog synthesizer required no special notation.) Like most of the material that I have produced over the last decade or so, in Phliks pieces I would blur the distinction between notated and improvised material.
Any musical rules, whether those of Robert de Viseé or Iggy Pop, exist to allow something to happen that otherwise wouldn’t. Even an apparent lack of rules — no scribbles for the musicians to stare at, no chords for one person to strum while the rest watch and learn — can be just as deterministic. Unspoken mores lurk even in free improvisation; a free improvising sideman who insists on quoting Charlie Parker or Zakk Wylde at length will soon be a solo artist.
Scott Fields, excerpt from the liner notes