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Front cover of the album RADIANT POOLS
Single CD - ROG-0002
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“Rob Brown confirms what a great musician he is and he also shows how he can give life and soul to an orchestra”

Rob Brown: alto saxophone, flute
Steve Swell: trombone
Joe Morris: double bass
Luther Gray: drums

Boxed Set (6.32)
Semantics-1 (9.51)
Out of the Lurch (5.35)
Radiant Pools (7.40)
King Cobra (8.48 ) Play Semantics-2 (9.27)
Swarm Village (9.41)

Recorded on July 13th 2004 by Peter Karl at Peter Karl Audio Services Studio (Brooklin, New York, Ny, USA)
Mixing: Peter Karl
Mastering: Jonathan Townes
Liner notes: Franck Médioni
Executive producer: Michel Dorbon

Rob Brown has a sound of his own, one that you instantly identify, and it's a wonder why his unique way of playing alto saxophone still hasn't found the recognition it deserves. With "Radiant Pools", not only does he confirm what a great musician he is, but he also shows how he can give life and soul to an orchestra... and what orchestra! Quite noteworthy is the way Rob Brown's alto sax (hear his high notes) and flute, and Steve Swell's trombone complement and enrich each other; respond to one another while Swell shows as much talent as a soloist than composer. The rhythm - and sometimes improvising - section is brilliantly composed of Joe Morris (who also wrote a wonderful piece) on the bass, although he gained a top-ranking reputation as a guitar player, and Luther Gray whose perfect knowledge of dynamics is a clear clue of how great a drummer he his. "Radiant Pools" also proves that written and free form improvised music can make a happy combination for the recipe of a consistent musical piece... as long as the service is first-rate!