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Front cover of the album WATER MUSIC
Single CD - ROG-0135
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Ivo Perelman: tenor saxophone
Matthew Shipp: piano
Mark Helias: double bass
Tom Rainey: drums

Entrainment (6:53 ) Play Life force (5:24)
Sound essence (7:51)
Human intuition (1:43)
Boundless (3:38)
Water music (9:18)
Fluidity (8:01)
Flow (9:54)

All compositions by Ivo Perelman (ivomusic – ASCAP), Matthew Shipp (Matt Shipp Music – ASCAP),
Mark Helias (Radiolegs Music – BMI), Tom Rainey (Rhydm Bidness – BMI)

Recorded by Jim Clouse on November 22nd 2022 at Park West Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Mixing and mastering: Jim Clouse
Liner notes: Neil Tesser
Photography: Peter Gannushkin
Cover design: Max Schoendorff
Cover realization: David Bourguignon
Executive producer: Michel Dorbon

"Water Music" signals a pivot, marked by a quality not usually associated with Perelman’s music. His improvisations here contain a new emphasis on melodic lines; I’d even dare call them “lyrical." In fact, this was always present to some degree and maybe not always recognizable to everyone...
...Perelman’s music, like the ocean, has always had its own sense of time and rhythm, as it ebbs and flows in waves and currents. On this album, the music and the sea are a bit more in sync.